Top Trump Advisor Implicates Jared Kushner And Eric Trump In Devastating Tweet


As the Russia investigation continues to progress in spite of the Trump administration’s greatest attempt to diffuse the increasing controversy, the issue has become so convoluted and troublesome that individuals close to the Trump family have, either mistakenly or intentionally, done things to further jeopardize any shred of legitimacy left for the current president.

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In the most recent news, a top advisor for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, as well as close friend to Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, revealed in a tweet posted on January 5th that the two aforementioned individuals acted as top decision makers during the Trump campaign. Brad Parscale, who acted as an advisor to President Trump, and had deep ties with the campaign itself, presented a seemingly incriminating Twitter post, unintentionally targeting two people who have increasingly become thrust into the spotlight of the Russia investigations.

Despite his attempts to shed a positive light on the ongoing troubles faced by the Trump family, Parscale’s tweet directly incriminates Kushner and Eric Trump as being culpable for the array of questionable interactions that went on during the campaign. Parscale, who was hired by Kushner to be the digital media director of a pro-Trump non-profit organization, America First Policies, further pushed Kushner into the limelight, while now placing Eric Trump into the topic of conversation as well.

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According to recent discoveries by congressional investigations into the potential of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents, there has been an increase in the suggestions claiming that the Kushner data program implemented during the campaign worked with the Russians to attain Facebook data illegally, and use the information to target prospective voters with pro-Trump propaganda.

By posting the tweet earlier on Friday, Parscale not only placed attention on Eric Trump, who had been able to avoid the scrutiny thus far, but also seemingly attempts to clear his own name by stating that the foremost decision makers were Kushner and Eric Trump, and that his involvement in interactions with Russian agents was minimal, if not non-existent. It is still unknown whether or not Parscale’s post was intentional. However, given the circumstances of the Russian investigation, it is likely that Parscale was attempting to place blame on his colleagues, as a means of escaping the congressional inquiries. Parscale has continued to promote the Trump administration and family throughout their troubles during the first year of the presidency, creating a sense of confusion as to whether the tweet was aimed towards positive intentions.

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With the release of the explosive tell all book Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff today, it is apparent that the Trump administration and those close to the president have become increasingly anxious regarding the outcome of the investigation. With an array of accounts present and described throughout the book, detailing the shortcomings and questionable activities of the president and his campaign during the election process, it is evident that those who are close to the administration are attempting to do whatever possible so as not to be incriminated by a forthcoming decision from investigators.

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