Trump Goes On Mentally Ill Friday AM Spiral Over Release Of Book Like A Scared Criminal


Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most mentally unstable person ever to hold the esteemed title of president of the United States. From off-the-wall Twitter rants at any and all hours of the day and night, to the blatant lies he continues to spew regardless of how many times he is contradicted with facts, The Donald is a plague on this nation.

PALM BEACH, FL – MARCH 15: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a primary night event at the Mar-A-Lago Club’s Donald J. Trump Ballroom March 15, 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump won the state of Florida and Ohio Gov. John Kasich won the state of Ohio. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

He and his followers have made a mockery of the Democratic system, as well as making sure people living in other countries think all Americans are barefoot, toothless, sister-didddlers. No one is scared of us anymore. The only thing they fear is that Trump may aim the missiles in the wrong direction when he finally wages war with North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

A book released Friday by author Michael Wolff is really getting under Trump’s skin, especially after his usually frightening legal team threatened both Bannon and the book publisher with a cease and desist. Both threats were immediately laughed off by both parties, causing Trump to go into a wild downward spiral that led to this ridiculous pack of lies Friday morning:

Regardless of the fact that Russian collusion HAS been proven, Trump will continue to say the same party line for his uneducated fans. Trump knows that America’s illiterate adore him, and that they literally will not look beyond his words for facts.

Trump is also so obsessed with Hillary Clinton that she may need a stronger security detail. With this amount of delusion, Hillary Clinton could wake up to find Trump standing at the foot of her bed slobbering like a goon.

He thinks about her THAT much.

However, to say that Hillary colluded with Russians in an election that she lost is the most ridiculous notion anyone with a mental illness could come up with.

The internet’s reaction is beyond justified as people are at their wit’s end with this so-called leader. The nation deserves better, and those of us who aren’t sucking on lead paint chips know that Donald Trump needs to be removed from office immediately, before he costs people their lives.

We saved the best Twitter reactions for you below: