Trump’s White House In Full Freakout Mode Over Michael Wolff’s New Book (DETAILS)


On Friday, author Michael Wolff launched his new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which reveals shocking information found through over 200 interviews with White House and campaign staffers including Steve Bannon. The book details the happenings of the incompetent and dysfunctional White House during the early months of the Trump administration.

Now, many of Trump’s supporters and allies are appalled and believe that some of the stories in the book are exaggerated or totally fictional. Many are also shocked that Wolff was given access to the White House for months to work on the project. They are also surprised at the fact so many staffers had such low regard for the president in the book.

One source close to the White House said:

‘The biggest political mistake in American history was to allow a reporter, whose integrity has been impugned across the spectrum, into the White House and give him free rein.’

This particular source blamed former chief strategist Steve Bannon for Wolff’s frequent presence in The West Wing. Trump has ferociously attacked Bannon this week after knowing what was spewed to Wolff in the book. According to The New York Times:

‘The rupture came after Mr. Bannon was quoted in a new book disparaging the president’s children, asserting that Donald Trump Jr. had been “treasonous” in meeting with Russians and calling Ivanka Trump “dumb as a brick.” Mr. Trump, described by his spokeswoman as “furious, disgusted,” fired back by saying that Mr. Bannon had “lost his mind.”‘

Still, Bannon has said this week that he remains a strong supporter of Trump and called him a “great man.” Some sources have said that he considered retracting some of the quotes in the book, but refrained when Trump attacked him.

According to The Hill:

‘Former Trump campaign adviser Barry Bennett was taken aback by the contempt some staff reportedly have for the president. “Fire and Fury” portrayed aides going to great lengths to hold back ridicule or scorn when Trump has his “wackadoo moments.”’

Bennett said:

‘I’ve been a staffer for 30 years and I just don’t understand the behavior — that you would talk about your boss and someone you dedicated a chunk of your life to in that way. I can’t fathom letting your ego get the best of you like that.’

Bennett went on saying:

‘The presidency is a clock. It runs for four years and every second lost is not gained back. They’re doing great, but they could be doing much better … To have to recover from some of these staff-inflicted wounds is just an incredible waste of some of these precious moments.’

Although Trump thought his major tax reform bill would have him on top in the New Year, the release of Wolff’s book has “turned the White House into a three-ring circus.” Trump is also becoming more unhinged by the day and recently released a wildly dangerous tweet about North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, bragging about the size of his “nuclear button.”

The New York Times has also published new information about Trump’s attempt’s to stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself in the Russia probe. This is just another win for Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he tries to determine whether Trump obstructed justice.

Here are thoughts from Twitter about the book:

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