Bizarre Photos Taken At Mar-a-Lago’s New Years Party Leaked To The Media (IMAGES)


In the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, one of the issues that has remained controversial has been the constant trips taken to his luxurious resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. As the president has seemingly spent a disproportionate amount of his time in leisure, as opposed to running and operating the domestic and foreign policy of the country, many have raised questions about the extensive trips.

However, despite the array of trips, the celebration for New Year’s taking place at the resort has led to a stir of responses from social media, as the resulting photos that were taken show various bizarre expressions from the Trump family. Despite the roasting that took place on social media when the pictures were released, the celebration at Mar-a-Lago also shed light on the excess of luxury and lavishness that President Trump and his family enjoyed, especially in the midst of struggling financial troubles faced by millions of American citizens across the country.

Nevertheless, the photos have prompted a mass response throughout the social media realm, taking jabs at both the president and the seeming dismay and troubles that members of his family, such as Melania Trump and Barron Trump, may be undergoing in light of Trump’s first year in public office. Here are just a few of the responses Twitter users proclaimed once analyzing the awkward photos:

On the eve of the new year, and the barrage of bizarre photos that were taken at the event, President Trump had a few words of his own for his political opponents and foreign regimes in the upcoming year. In regards to the remarks made by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, after the rogue leader stated that a nuclear button is always on his desk, Trump responded with a simple, “We’ll see.” Furthermore, President Trump went on to proclaim that he is making America great, just as he had promised, and in his own beliefs, at an inordinately rapid pace. The president also sent out a tweet wherein he wished a happy new year to the “very dishonest Fake News Media”, continuing his attacks on the mainstream media outlets that have shed light on the controversies and issues caused during his first year in office.

Featured Image by Getty Images