Celebrity Chef’s Trump/Corrupt Media Award Announcement Has Donald Boo-Hooing


Donald Trump has made attacks on the press a cornerstone of his presidency, and before that, of his campaign.

Indeed, he recently opted to carry that tradition into the New Year, announcing “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” to be given out by none other than himself.

Now, obviously Donald J. Trump is in no position to call out others for “dishonesty.” Yet, Trump has never let lack of qualifications or information stop him before, so it seems unlikely he’ll see the light this time. That’s why celebrity chef José Andrés is offering any person who wins one of the awards lunch in any of his restaurants. You can read his tweet below:

His fans on twitter loved the pledge, filling the replies with encouragement:

Trump’s “dishonest media awards” are more likely to be a ranking of who is meanest to him. Whether or not he calls a source “fake news” is completely divorced from whether or not they report objective truth. The only factor is how nice they are to Donald Trump. Trump has never called any story’s factual basis into question that did not involve him. He doesn’t question CNN’s international coverage, coverage of storms or disasters, current events, etc. Trumplethinskin can’t take criticism, so that’s his issue.

For direct proof of this, you can head over to his Facebook page, where, after announcing the fake media awards, he posted a graphic agreeing with many of those he calls “fake news.” Why? Because in that particular case, they happened to be making anti-Michael Wolff comments. Michael Wolff is the author of “Fire and Fury,” a book which is currently taking the nation by storm thanks to its insider’s look at the Trump administration. You can see the graphic below:

Trump has no relationship to the truth. He has his own truth. He refuses to believe expert opinion or to accept information he doesn’t like, so he well and truly has created his own reality. Trump believes nonsensical things, like that human beings are batteries. Exercise too much, and you’ll run out of energy and die. When it comes to himself and his presidency, he lies almost constantly, and sometimes for no discernable reason. That’s the hallmark of a pathological liar. In fact, The Washington Post 2,000 demonstrably false claimshas catalogued nearly Trump made in his first year in office, providing a detailed breakdown and comprehensive database.

In Trump’s America, “truth” has been redefined. Rather than being anchored to reality, “truth” in the modern world seems to be anchored to politics. Trump’s constant lies and distractions are accepted without question by his base, even when they know better. /Ourteam/ is simply too strong. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t seem to be impacting them at all, and confirmation bias determines everything from which sources they believe to which version of Trump they believe from one week to the next.

Unfortunately for Trump and his friends, the courts are not as kind as the public eye when it comes to documented lies. Telling six versions of the story won’t do a thing when it comes to the Russia investigation, and the fact that Donald Trump almost certainly has committed obstruction of justice in his efforts to impede the investigation will come back to bite him.

Featured image via Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images