Trump Makes ‘Corrupt’ Media Award Announcement During Sunday Night Twitter Rant


About two weeks ago, Mr. Trump sent out an email to his supporters asking them to vote for one news network to receive the “Fake News Trophy” of the year. In the email, people were asked to vote for which news network is the “King of Fake News,” and a list of options was provided.

The list included ABC, CNN, and TIME. All of those outlets had reported something incorrectly, and either later retracted or corrected stories. Trump was scheduled to release the name of the “winner” on Monday, January 8, 2018, but on Sunday, he announced on Twitter that he plans to delay the award for another week:

Celebrity Chef Jose Andres is getting in on the action too. Andres recently got into heated conflict with the Trump Administration because Andres wanted a more long-term contract to deliver meals in Puerto Rico, and FEMA could only offer short-term contracts for two weeks at a time. Andres helped to cook and deliver at least 2.2 million meals to Puerto Rico.

Andres went on Twitter on Sunday, saying he is going to reward the winners of Trump’s fake news awards free lunches at any of his restaurants:

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are also planning to celebrate the “Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year” with a bang.

According to Vox:

‘The Late Show host Stephen Colbert threw his hat into the ring with a “for your consideration” billboard in New York’s Times Square, aiming to grab the president’s attention for what the comedian coined “The Fakies.” He asked that he be included in all categories, including “fakest dishonesty,” “corruptest fakeness,” and “smallest button.’

It was also reported:

‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ran an ad in The New York Times pushing itself to be given an award. The ad cites media outlet Breitbart News calling the show “political propaganda disguised as entertainment” and the New York Post describing it as “monotonous…liberal dogma.’

Live! host Jimmy Kimmel also made fun of the awards as well. Kimmel said:

‘The “Stupid People’s Choice Awards” is what they’re calling it.

‘This is a real dilemma for the president, because on the one hand, he loves awards and trophies, but will he be physically able to give a trophy to someone other than himself? I don’t think so.’

Amidst all of this, Michael Wolff just published his new book “Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House,” which has instantly become a New York Times bestseller. Wolff details countless interviews with over 200 staffers including former chief strategist Steve Bannon. The Trump Administration has leveled out scathing criticism about the book.

Mr. Trump has frequently accused CNN and The New York Times of reporting “fake news.” He just called for ABC’s Brian Ross to be fired for misreporting a story about Flynn’s contacts with Russia. Ross returned to ABC, but with a new job.

Trump’s favorite network, Fox News, should definitely receive the award for “most dishonest and corrupt” of the year, but that was wasn’t included as an option for obvious reasons. Fe

Featured image by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images