Trump Floored After White House Insider Leaks Devastating Mueller Info To NY Magazine


The White House tells us that Trump does not lie, which is a lie, of course. Now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ready to interview Donald Trump about the Russia investigation, his attorneys should be having an interesting time dealing with perhaps the world’s worst client.

When, former FBI director, James Comey, testified before Congress, he told them about a White House layered in lies, according to the NY Magazine:

‘Those were lies, plain and simple.’


The president lies as easily as he breathes, cannot resist hitting back if he believes he has been hit, and thinks he is smarter than anyone else. That is a bad combination for a client.

Trump’s legal team has been petrified of the thought of Trump and Mueller in a room alone. They want him to answer written questions, kind of like a take-home quiz. The kind of test where no one would ever cheat, right?

If the president must testify, his attorneys want to know where it would happen, what they would discuss, and how long it would take. Everyone knows that the man in the Oval Office has a short attention span. The problem is simple. Trump would be walking into a perjury trap and other landmines set by the very skilled Mueller.

Fox News host Alan Dershowitz has consistently defended the president, but even he said, according to NBC:

‘I would never let the prosecution interview my client. But I don’t represent the president of the United States, and presidents don’t want to plead the Fifth. So this route makes sense.’

The person in the know about Mueller’s investigation continued, NY Magazine reported:

‘The man’s uncontrollable. He’s a loose cannon. No matter how much you prep him, no matter what small words you use to explain to him the potential landmines he could step on … he will leap in blindly and say whatever pops into his head, and that could be a potential disaster.

‘The absolute last thing I want to do in my life is be sitting next to Donald Trump being questioned by the special counsel.’

It could and has become worse. Trump even asked his outside attorney to fall on his dagger for him. That was when 45 asked his attorney to claim he wrote one of the president’s tweets.

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