Trump In Full Mental Collapse; On-Camera Morning Statements Have Americans Terrified


Donald Trump is feeling pretty pleased with himself. Yesterday, he had a meeting at the White House for lawmakers to negotiate about immigration. The meeting was largely uneventful. It showcased Trump’s inability to actually negotiate fine details, as well as his ignorance of what the term “clean bill” means. Yet since it wasn’t a complete fiasco, and the media praised him for being “transparent,” he’s calling it a win—and there’s nothing that Trump loves more than attention and approval.

Donald Trump makes opening remarks as he holds a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House on January 10, 2018 in Washington, DC. Looking on from right is US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

That probably is a major reason Trump invited the press back into the White House today, this time for the first Cabinet meeting of 2018. As the press entered the room, Trump stated, “Welcome back to the studio. Nice to have you!” He probably meant it as a joke, but who knows? Maybe it was a moment of senility and he thinks he’s back on The Apprentice.

Here’s the clip, via NBC on Twitter:


He goes on to delusionally claim, “2017 was a year of tremendous achievement. Monumental achievement, actually. I don’t think any administration has has ever done—has done—what we’ve done, and what we’ve accomplished in this first year.”

Twitter users didn’t seem to find it nearly as funny as the Trump sycophants in the room did:

If he means that no other administration has ever governed the country through the year of 2017, well, that’s true. No other administration has ever done the identical things the Trump administration has done at identical times.

However, if he means he’s had a historically impressive first year, he’s flat-out wrong. The only people making that case are right-wing blogs and pundits with an agenda, who stretch every conceivable Trump “accomplishment” into five. He only has one legislative achievement, and that is the tax bill. His litany of executive orders and unilateral moves, such as pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, will be undone in short order when Republicans lose power and, thus, are meaningless when it comes to his legacy. As pointed out by Pew Research,

If Trump does reverse some of Obama’s executive orders, he wouldn’t be the first president to undo or modify a predecessor’s orders. Indeed, Obama issued 30 executive orders that amended or revoked existing ones, according to the National Archives.

In one especially noteworthy example, two executive orders by George W. Bush amended an order by Clinton, which had modified an executive order that Ronald Reagan used to revoke a previous order by Jimmy Carter, who first amended a regulatory order created by Gerald Ford. Obama, in turn, eliminated the pair of George W. Bush amendments with another executive order.

Trump’s, in turn, will be undone.

In reality, there are many presidents whose accomplishments put Donald Trump’s to shame.

FDR’s first hundred days alone are considered “the most concentrated period of reform in US history.” According to Business Insider

More than a dozen sweeping laws were enacted in that time as FDR threw the public purse behind the cause of industrial recovery, agricultural renewal and public works, expanding federal powers in the process. Social Security and much more came later.

He’s not the only one who makes Donald Trump look like a lazy moron. Another example of a leader who actually got things done was President Barack Obama.

President Obama took office with the nation in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Depression. In his first month, he accomplished more than Donald Trump has in a year: He signed the stimulus package, which turned the nation’s economy around. He also signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in his first month.

In his first year, he also laid most of the groundwork for healthcare reform, getting the Affordable Care Act through committees House and Senate.

The truth is that Trump is not an effective leader. Despite having party control of all branches of government, Trump can’t seem to get much done. He’s a historically ineffective executive. Trump is the reality show president. It’s no wonder he welcomed reporters to the meeting by saying “welcome back to the studio.”

Featured image via screen capture of embedded media