Military Expert Rails On Trump For Disrespecting Troops – Goes Viral In 8 Seconds Flat


Trump’s disregard of diplomatic traditions and basic political protocols has caused backlash from a broad array of groups within the American public, including those who supported him, as well as leaving a negative mark on the international community.

Not only does the president continue to forgo learning the required behavior that a world leader must embody, he does so at the expense of the global community in order to prioritize his own self interests. Trump’s consistent trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort, golf outings, and insensitive claims have led many to believe that, not only is he unfit for office, but also that he is delegitimizing the American nation as a whole.

In a more recent, and frankly upsetting, incident, President Trump has broken yet another tradition, this time targeting the servicemen and women that so bravely and selflessly put their lives at risk for the well-being of citizens back at home. In doing so, Trump has broken the norm in which the sitting president visits American troops in foreign countries, having yet to make a single trip to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

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Gregg Zoroya of USA Today recently depicted in an op-ed the silent, yet vital, importance of these trips by a commander-in-chief, despite the financial or press-related payoff that may come with other activities. In doing so, Zoroya stated that, “Troops serving in combat speak of a shared, nagging sense that, apart from family and friends, most Americans back home seem oblivious or have forgotten that U.S. military members are still risking their lives overseas. But this sentiment melts away for the moment when the commander in chief comes calling.”

This subtle yet vital impact has been understood by Trump’s predecessors, especially by former-President Obama who Trump so often aims his criticisms and attacks at. Whereas President Trump has not visited the troops a single time since coming into office, Obama made a trip to the war-torn Afghanistan within three months of taking office, after he approved an increase in troops to the country. He would later visit both Iraq and Afghanistan four times, ensuring that the those fighting abroad knew how important and appreciated they truly were.

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Trump’s rhetoric during his first year has proven contradictory to his actions and claims, using the justification of pride and respect for the country to discredit protests, while at the same time insulting a gold star family and attacking Senator John McCain for having been a prisoner of war. Furthermore, his attempts to impose detrimental ideals into the current state of the army have been evident as well, seen through his efforts to bar transgender individuals from enlisting, and making claims that veterans who suffer from PTSD are weak. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Trump has yet to make a mention of visiting the troops for the much needed morale boost, and continues to play off an irrelevant and fabricated rhetoric of having respect for our servicemen and women to garner support for his own agenda.

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