Mental Health Professionals Send Urgent Message To Trump’s Doctor After Racist Tirade


After Mr. Trump made the most appalling racist comments ever during an Oval Office meeting yesterday, many people are calling for something to be done about a man who isn’t fit to lead any office. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was not the least afraid to tell him on Twitter that the real “sh*thole” is his mouth.

Now, dozens of experts are urging Trump’s doctor to test his neurological health when he has a physical on Friday. According to POLITICO:

‘A group of more than 70 psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals sent a letter to President Donald Trump’s physician on Thursday, imploring him to include an evaluation of the president’s neurological health in a physical examination scheduled for Friday.’

The White House has previously said that they won’t make mental fitness tests part of Trump’s physical. It isn’t typical for physicians to assess the mental capability of presidents. However, those tests are advised for people of Trump’s age (71) or older. The letter by expert mental health professionals reads:

‘Your duty to this patient and the country that employs you as an officer of the United States Navy is to refer your patient to specialist care if any elements of your neurological and psychiatric examination yield pertinent results. Your threshold for such referral should be low given this patient’s position.’

Other concerns about Trump’s mental state arise from author Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” Wolff quotes top officials in his book who question the president’s competence, and provides accounts of Trump’s erratic behavior based on over 200 interviews.

POLITICO reports:

‘The letter writers note “increasing concern” about Trump’s “declining faculties for complex thought, rambling speech, difficulty completing a thought,” along with “suspect judgment, planning, problem solving and impulse control,” among other issues.’

One psychiatrist, Steven Buser, who signed on to the letter also formerly served in the Air Force where he performed psychiatric exams on airmen. Some of these men had been tasked with duties involving the nuclear arsenal. Buser said:

‘My biggest concern has really been the whole nuclear threat.

‘Our entire nuclear chain of command is held through DOD regulations to the highest standard of psychological well-being … except the man who has his very finger on the nuclear button.’

Although the letter writers are professionally trained, they did not attempt to offer up a diagnosis, but they said his behavior warranted an exam. David M. Reiss, a California psychiatrist and a contributor to the book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” said:

‘It’s important for the public to see that these are concerns a lot of people have and understand our reasons and motivations.’

Tom Steyer, a billionaire Democrat and mega-donor, has been promoting the letter. Steyer recently announced that he will not run for office as was anticipated, but will instead continue to focus on grassroots efforts to ensure that qualified officials are elected. Steyer has pledged $30 million on the 2018 midterm elections, with the major goal of “removing the president.”

John Gartner, one of the psychologists who signed off on the letter, founded Duty to Warn, which calls for Trump’s removal from office for the reason that he is “psychologically unfit.” Steyer said:

‘There’s a fitness question for this president, amplifying the voice of professionals in this field.’

Many people wholeheartedly agree with the mental health community:

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