BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Arch Nemesis Abruptly Resigns Like Scared Turtle On The Run


House Republicans are leaving office a faster rate than any other recent Congresses. One might attribute it to the fact that the unstable Mr. Trump is now residing over the presidency. As of Saturday, 29 Republicans have announced that they are retiring, running for another office, or resigning.

In addition to this, on Saturday evening, Republican Trey Gowdy (R-SC) announced that he would be stepping down from the House Ethics Committee after five years of serving on the panel. Gowdy sent his resignation to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a letter on Wednesday. Gowdy wrote:

‘Thank you for the privilege of serving for the past five years on the House Ethics Committee. While few, if any, members seek this assignment, the collegiality of the members coupled with the seriousness of the jurisdiction have made it an experience I will treasure.’

Gowdy also wrote:

‘Four committee assignments, including a chairmanship, is a challenging workload.’

Gowdy had asked House leadership to take him off one of his four committees after he was named Chairman of the House Oversight Committee in June. In conclusion, he wrote:

‘I was happy to finish out the calendar year and conclude some matters then pending before the Committee.”

AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Paul Ryan, said:

‘We are grateful for his five years of service on the Ethics Committee and for agreeing to serve the remainder of the calendar year.’

Gowdy has also been known for consistently attacking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and defended the 2-year Benghazi probe.

Democrats will need to pick up 24 House seats to reclaim the majority from Republicans. Republicans have had the majority in the House since 2011.

Although Gowdy cited workload as his reason for stepping down from the ethics committee, Twitter speculated about a variety of reasons:

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