Trump Flies Into Manic Twitter Rant To Deflect From “Sh*thole” And Stormy Daniels


Friday was not a good day for the president of the United States. As numerous stories broke that would forever stain any other presidency, Trump pouted and denied them on Twitter and then fell silent as witness after witness confirmed the offensive and racist questions Trump asked during a meeting on a bipartisan deal to extend DACA protections for 690,000 young people who know no other home than the U.S. Using those lives as a bargaining chip to fund his unnecessary border wall that he promised his supporters Mexico would pay for, Trump is now blaming Democrats to cover his own cruelty, but also wants to remind the country how he’s turned around an economy with policies that have not gone into effect yet and gave a nod to his white nationalist base, to boot.

His endless touting of the stock market under his presidency is a rapid turnaround from the things Trump said on the campaign trail just last year. When the stock market boomed under President Obama, Trump insisted that this was no indicator of an economy thriving under Democrats.

‘If rates go up, you’re going to see something that’s not pretty. It’s all a big bubble.’

Along with his sycophants on Twitter, the most vocal one being his son, Donald Jr., Trump has continuously insisted that the job market is thriving because of him. For instance, Wal-Mart, the country’s largest employer, will be giving employees a raise and increasing benefits to its workers thanks to Trump’s tax plan that went into effect all of 13 days ago.

What Trump and his son fail to mention is that it really wasn’t the tax breaks the billionaire retail chain owners got under Trump’s tax bill that paid for this new boon to workers. It also took massive layoffs at Sam’s Club, also a Wal-Mart company, to fund it. The retail chain announced this week that they will close 63 stores and layoff more than 9,000 workers, yet Trump has not mentioned that detail.

‘Workers and customers learned about the store closures on the same day Walmart drew praise from the White House for raising pay and giving out worker bonusesbecause of the new lower corporate tax rate.’

Just as Trump has covered up the truth about the financial success of his presidency, he covers the truth about the deal to extend DACA, conveniently failing to mention that a Democratic president signed those protections into law and Trump himself announced that he wouldn’t extend them. And just in case his supporters were confused, he reminded them once again where he really stands with his “America First” slogan, a nod to white nationalism.

There was no mention of the numerous scandals that broke on Friday, the racist comments Trump made while discussing the DACA bill (Trump doesn’t want black and brown people from “sh*thole” countries immigrating to the U.S. because somehow being poor and not white means a person has no ability to succeed) and the news that Trump’s lawyer paid off a porn star named Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about the sexual encounter she had with Trump while Melania recovered from the birth of their son.

Forget all of that. Trump wants his supporters to focus on financial accomplishments he hasn’t made and the fact that he will Make America White Again.

Twitter quickly responded to the ridiculousness of Trump’s tweets. See some of the best responses below:

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