Trump Makes Dramatic Late Night War Announcement From White House- Explosions Heard


The president has not somehow accumulated vast experience with foreign policy since assuming his current position, but that does not mean that challenges have ceased presenting themselves.

One such challenge was the recently reported chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians in Douma carried out by the reigning Assad regime. It has been about a week at this point, and now, Trump revealed in an address to the nation Friday night that he had ordered strikes on Syria.

The strikes were taking place as the president spoke on Friday night. One journalist tweeted that “multiple Syria-based sources [were] tweeting that explosions can be heard in Damascus amid Trump’s speech.”

An important note here is that Trump is not going it alone in having ordered these strikes. Rather, the strikes were set in motion with the cooperation of the British and French governments. In recent days, the government of French President Emmanuel Macron stated that it had evidence that the Assad regime was behind the chemical attack at Douma, as the United States government also did in recent days.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, for his part, made the extraordinary claim in recent days that the chemical attack was staged, something that the West obviously denies and there remains absolutely no seeming evidence for.

The United States going into Syria in a military capacity against the government there places us at odds with Russia, which backs the Assad regime.

Even still, reporter Jim Sciutto noted, the president pledged Friday night to sustain the threat of military operations until the threat of chemical weapons being used by the Assad regime is gone.

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