Rudy Giuliani Goes On ‘ABC Sunday’ & It Turned Into A Level 10 Disaster For Trump (VIDEO)


Donald Trump and his head attorney, Rudy Giulini, have no idea what to do. The former New York City mayor went on national television, stuttered around, and made things incredibly worse. Trump wanted a bulldog to defend him, instead he got an old rat terrier.

The president has been efficiently attacked on two fronts. First, there was Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election and possible Trump campaign conspiracy with the Russians.

Then, there was the the Southern District of New York’s investigation into Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. This group has investigated Cohen’s links to the Russian business, Trump Corporation affairs, and fixing Trump’s affairs with women, including adult entertainment star and producer, Stormy Daniels.

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, is beyond a bulldog. He is a pit bull, and he has been waging a television war for his client against Trump. In came Giuliani, and everything went to hell – for the commander-in-chief. Avenatti said  this about Giuliani’s latest television appearances as shown by MSNBC’s Morning Joy:

‘I’m not being spoofed am I. He’s an absolute unmitigated disaster. a train wreck. This may be the worst tv appearance by an attorney in our time.’

Giuliani kills the president every time he opens his mouth. For example, when he was asked about the famed photograph featuring Trump and the porn star and when they met, the former mayor said:

‘Depends upon what you mean by “met her” (laughed).’

It seems Giuliani was hired to conflate the Russian investigation with the Stormy Daniels affair. He made a huge mess in his first venture before the cameras for the president to clean up. Yet,  Trump still sent the politician/lawyer out again to say:

‘I’m not involved in the Stormy stuff.’

Giuliani has not practiced law for 30 years, so he is an attorney something like the self-described “fixer,” Michael Cohen, is an attorney.

Then, the former mayor went on to explain whether Trump paid off “other women:”

‘Other women, I would think if it was necessary, yes.’

Trump has been on the hot plate for his continuous lying, day after day. When asked about that, Giuliani’s brilliant response was:

‘People do things like lie.’

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