Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Challenges Giuliani To A Face-To-Face; Rudy In Freakout Mode


If there’s a Most Dedicated Lawyer of the Year award, it’s going to Michael Avenatti in 2018. During his multitude of media appearances, he has told his clients’ side of the story and challenged those in the Trump administration to deny their evidence. The Trump camp is clearly becoming nervous about this, as quite some time went by before Trump ever discussed or answered reporters’ questions about Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford) until lately, when it became their most chaotic and contradictory talking point.

It can be argued that Cohen is on a tour of self-promotion, but no one can deny he’s also advocated on behalf of his client publicly and helped her finally receive her day in court and her opportunity to tell her story.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he has a made-for-television look that appeals to the viewers of the shows where he’s made appearances.

After a ten-day media spree of Giulliani working as a spokesperson and legal representative for Trump and doing the job very, very badly, Avenatti challenged him on Twitter to appear alongside him and engage in a fair public debate. So far, there’s been no reaction from the White House, which is not exactly a surprise.

A man who can’t keep lies straight and contradicts his own most high profile client in the world on national television doesn’t want to engage in debate. At this point, it’s unclear whether or not Giuliani will continue to speak on the Stephanie Clifford case remains to be seen.

So far, Giuliani has managed to destroy Trump’s public claims that he was never aware of the payment between his lawyer, Michael Cohen, and Clifford as well as the claims by Cohen that the payment was made out of his own money and had nothing to do with a campaign expenditure. He also told CNN that he was unconcerned with the facts of the case at this point and was still learning them as he goes, anyway.

Giuliani has not spoken about the case again since the Sunday political talk shows, and reports from White House insiders say Trump is frustrated with his new legal counsel’s inability to defend him with the same lies that he and his people have been telling for months now.

Giuliani may be too scared to sit for a debate with Avenatti, but he also might not even get the opportunity to deny him the chance.

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