Trump Begs To Give Mueller Written Answers – Special Counsel’s Response Goes Viral


If Donald Trump wanted a take-home test, who would trust him to not cheat? Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Russia’s attack on the 2016 U.S. presidential election and a possible Trump Campaign conspiracy. Now, 45’s legal team wants Mueller to let the boss do something outrageous — and trust he will not cheat.

Former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is still lead attorney on Trump’s legal team. Not only has he been crashing and stumbling through all of the news talk shows, he has been digging the president a deeper guilty hole.

Mueller has been investigating the commander-in-chief’s political associates in an ever-tightening circle. He has interviewed Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. He may have even interviewed the president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, after the FBI raided his office, home, temporary residence, and bank safe deposit boxes.

Trump’s legal people have been negotiating with Mueller about if and when the president would agree to sit down for an interview. The man in the Oval Office was all for it until the FBI raided Cohen’s office.

Mueller had to threaten the president with a subpoena. In the latest attempt, Giuliani said that Trump’s legal representatives requested something quite unusual.

The president’s legal team suggested that Trump could just get a list of questions from the special counsel and respond in writing, according to CBS News correspondent, Paula Reid. His people want this option, because it would keep Trump from lying or misleading the questioners. His attorneys would even be able to answer all the questions for 45.

The president has a long history of stretching the truth, exaggerating, and boldly lying. If he did so in an interview with Mueller, he would be committing a crime.

In a conversation with CBS News, the former mayor said he needed as much as three weeks to become fully familiar with the Mueller investigation and to negotiate terms of an interview for the president. He also said that Trump’s legal representatives continue to be in talks.

Giuliani thinks that 45 can dictate which issues would be forbidden and the length of the interview. He also said they would have to have information about whether the interview would be open to the public and to know whether Trump would have an opportunity to rebut the special counsel.

The former mayor said the legal team prefers to wait until the North Korea summit is concluded before his lawyers would begin to prep the man in the Oval Office. Giuliani opined that he would need a couple of days to fully prepared Trump for Mueller’s interview.

In addition, he said that, should the negotiations fail and the president be subpoenaed, Trump will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. If 45 is subpoenaed, he could not bring his attorney into the courtroom. On the other hand, if the president goes willingly to an interview, he could have his attorney with him.

Even though Giuliani said on camera that the commander-in-chief had the right to ignore a subpoena, he now says that Trump would not ignore one.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Brooks Kraft.

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