Trump Goes On Attack In AM Twitter Rant About Stripping Media Credentials Like A Nazi


The president of the United States began his morning with Twitter threats, lies, misstatements, and cries of “fake news.” In other words, it’s just another day of what has become normal under a Donald Trump presidency.

Trump began by praising all of the Republicans who won primaries as if they were competing with someone other than other Republicans and, of course, credited their wins to his own policies and successes. If a Republican candidate wins, it’s because of Trump, but if that candidate loses, it’s because they didn’t support Trump enough. It never has anything to do with the hard work or the failures of the individual candidate or their campaign teams, Trump deserves all credit for everything as long as he’s handing out praise or condemnation.

What would a day in Trump world be without yet another threat to violate First Amendment rights of the free press for refusing to toe the Trump line? His reasoning lacks nuance, which is no surprise, and he fails to point out that reports on the economy are the one area in which Trump receives the most praise from all media outlets.

It’s also worthy of note that Trump has repeatedly stated that only Fox News is truly honest in their reporting but never mentions that their coverage of President Obama was not only overwhelmingly negative, but based in speculation and scare tactics (remember the “terrorist fist jab,” anyone?). Apparently, the news is only fake when it’s critical of him.

Outside of “Republicans are great because of me” and “let’s end the right to a free press,” Trump returned to another recent talking point about people of color and how wrong the vast majority of them are about the GOP and Trump himself. When rapper Kanye West began the promotional tour for his new album and used support for the Trump administration to start controversy and get his name in the news, a member of the conservative non-profit Turning Point USA named Candace Owens became a prominent face of color supporting West and his “slavery was a choice” rhetoric.

“Smart” black “thinkers,” according to Trump and the GOP, are only the ones who support them by insisting that 80 percent of the black electorate who are registered Democrats are simply too ignorant to understand that they’re being duped by the left…because that isn’t racist at all.

The release of three detainees in North Korea was the one bright spot of the morning and the one story for which Trump should receive praise. Of course, his previous tweets also deserve attention, and Trump will insist that coverage of them is ignoring his real accomplishments. He will never note, however, that had he stuck to informing the public of that accomplishment instead of relentlessly tweeting divisive and insulting statements, the accomplishment itself would be the main story of the morning. Trump remains his own worst enemy.

Twitter weighed in with their thoughts on the president’s tweets. See some of their responses below:

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