Trump Jr Mocks #MeToo On Twitter Like A Little Punk Who Cheats On His Wife & Kids


For the most part, Donald Trump, Jr.’s tweets range from the snarky to clueless, with the occasional cross over to the truly offensive and deplorable. From hypocritical tweets crowing when a Democratic politician or donor is revealed to be a sexual abuser while his father still sits in the White House to open mocking of teenage survivors of mass shootings, Junior’s Twitter feed serves as a distasteful and outrageous view of Trump’s America.

On Wednesday, however, Junior outdid even himself in the Most Disgusting Tweet of the Year category.

Using a hashtag that centers around the watershed moment in which survivors of sexual violence have banded together to call for real, widespread change in a culture of toxic masculinity to praise women who support that same culture which landed Junior’s father in the White House is worse than deplorable. The fact that the use of that hashtag has been co-opted in such a demeaning way by the son of a sitting U.S. president is downright disgusting.

Junior came under fire earlier on Wednesday by raising an objection to a deleted tweet of one of his father’s praised talking heads, Candace Owens. In true Diamond and Silk style, Junior ranted about the evil powers that be at Twitter deleting the tweets of conservatives.

As it turns out, Owens herself deleted her original tweet in order to post a second one with even more gushing praise of the president. Rather than delete his original, inaccurate tweet, Junior posted the same statement minus the false outrage. However, he kept the #metoo hashtag since he still felt perfectly comfortable stepping on such an important moment in our nation’s history.

Not only was he blasted on Twitter for the first misstep, he rightfully received some warranted backlash for the second. See some of Twitter’s responses below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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