Trump Finishes Breakfast & Erupts Into Thursday Mega-Rant Like A Man Preparing For Prison


Trump began his day in the middle of the night, smiling for photo ops and celebrating a diplomatic victory that should earn him lots of praise, although not for the “highest ratings ever” he was so pleased by. Before most of the country was awake and online, Trump switched from playing the part of proud leader back to the internet bully who must have missed his wife’s #BeBest campaign.

Trump was back to his old bag of tricks with the schoolyard bully nicknames and snarky tweets, calling out Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who was once critical of President Obama’s Iran Deal but later criticized Trump when he recently pulled out of it. Trump pointed his Twitter finger at Schumer and laughed, calling attention to Schumer taking one stance and then holding another, something Donald Trump would never, ever do.

Schumer’s stance, however, has not actually changed. It’s true that he didn’t vote for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action when it was proposed, although he said that both sides of the debate made excellent points that made it a difficult decision. What Schumer criticized Trump over, however, was pulling out of a deal that had already been made, was working well, and calling into question the credibility and faith in the United States in the face of other world leaders.

It isn’t simply Schumer who has criticized the decision. Every world ally the U.S. relies on in times of war has expressed their disappointment with Trump’s decision. Trump saves his bullying for those he can demonize for votes, however, and today, that’s Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Twitter also weighed in on Trump’s tweet. See some of their responses below.

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla

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