Trump Goes On Twitter For Psychotic Monday Afternoon Rampage About The Government


Donald Trump finally had some comments on news stories of the day that didn’t involve congratulating himself for moving the U.S. embassy to Israel while thousands of people were shot and dozens killed in Gaza, and the topic he selectively chose to be outraged over is absolutely infuriating.

To translate, there may not even be leakers. Maybe the fake news media is just making up these leaks. But Trump will find out who these made up leakers are and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. Only Wikileaks is to be praised for leaking because Julian Assange leaks on Democrats. But there probably aren’t leakers in the White House. Who knows where the stories the White House communications team has admitted happened really came from?

Another story broke in the news hours before Trump’s comment on leakers. It took Trump a full 23 minutes to tweet about that one, though. He had a busy schedule today of tweeting outrage before he had time to acknowledge his wife’s surgery and go to visit her in the hospital.

Kelly Stadler’s cruel, offhand comment that Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) opinion on Trump’s nominee for CIA director didn’t really matter because “he’s dying, anyway” has certainly caused quite the scandal for the Trump administration. At Friday’s White House press briefing, Sanders did not deny that the comments were made, so perhaps she didn’t get the memo about the leakers being imaginary in time for that briefing.

One would think someone would have informed Raj Shah before Monday’s press briefing, however, because he acknowledged that the story was true. In fact, the scolding Sanders gave the communications team about leaking that was also leaked has not been denied by the White House, either, so apparently there really are leakers, even ones who leak about leaking.

Twitter slammed Trump for his ridiculousness and failure to first acknowledge his wife in the hospital before tweeting out nonsense. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg

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