Trump Throws Jerusalem Party On Twitter Like A Fool – Entire Middle East Balls Their Fists


There is no bigger cheerleader of Donald Trump’s every move than Donald Trump himself. While many of his tweets are simply schoolyard bully insults at anyone who doesn’t praise his every move, his other most common tweets are just Trump praising Trump’s every move since no one other than Fox News seems to do that well enough for his liking.

Shortly after his inauguration, Trump announced that he would be moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to the city of Jerusalem, breaking decades of precedent. As a result, Palestinians lie dead from the violence the move has caused while Trump promotes Fox News’ coverage of the move (as if no other media outlet is covering it) and congratulates himself on creating “a great day for Israel.”

According to CBS News:

‘During the maiden demonstration on March 30, Israeli soldiers killed more than 20 protesters. Video footage showed several people being shot as they ran away.

‘Since then, a total of 74 have died and more than 10,400 others wounded, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health. Several hundred of the injured protesters were kids, according to Save the Children.’

Palestinian deaths mean little to Trump in the face of being able to crow about “promises kept,” while the “America first” president causes chaos in other parts of the world to absolutely no benefit of the American people.

Twitter was not impressed by Trump’s self-congratulations and reminded him that people have died as a result of his decision. See some of their comments below:

Featured image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla

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