Trump Jr. Throws Crybaby Fit Over Amount Of Instagram Followers Like A H.S. Cheerleader


Donald Trump Jr., who is currently divorcing his wife Vanessa of 12 years, is already dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle. Trump Jr. seems to be following in Daddy’s footsteps and is anything but a victim although he may try his hardest to have people believe that. On Friday evening, Jr. jumped on to Instagram in attempts to prove his greatness, which he may regret later.

Donald Jr. posted this message, saying:

‘Honestly it’s time for me to put this out there. For weeks I’ve been watching my #instagram analytics and noticed a crazy drop off in new followers. I used to average around 10,000 + new followers a week and then it just dropped off.’

Donald Jr.’s following is apparently going south and he is having an absolute fit here. He rants that a friend searching his name got a message warning that:

‘Posts with words or tags you’re searching for often encourage behavior that can cause harm and even lead to death.’

Perhaps, you are losing followers, Don Jr., because you are showing the world that you are a slime ball. Apparently, even Instagram has wisely labeled Donald Trump Jr. as potentially harmful, which is downright comical. People are becoming smart enough to realize that the Trump family is basically a gang of criminals.

Here’s what Twitter had to say to Donald Jr.:

With all that is happening between Trump Jr.’s divorce and the Russia investigation, he must be slowly losing his mind at this point. This may be just the tip of it.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Pool via Bloomberg