Michael Avenatti Goes Full American Hero Mode With Force On Twitter Like A National Icon


When the Stormy Daniels case first emerged and the American public caught wind of yet another embarrassing controversy the president was involved in in his years before he took office, the magnitude of the lawsuit would only be realized as time went on. What initially started as a shameful act of infidelity with Donald Trump having cheated on his then-pregnant wife Melania, the nuances that arose regarding the hush money payments and involvement of Trump and his campaign in making the payments soon rose to prominence. Now, the case is threatening the very legality of Trump even holding office, based on his extent of knowledge regarding his personal lawyer’s payment to Daniels and the signing of the NDA.

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Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been going full throttle at the administration and, more specifically, Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the case. Avenatti has appeared across all mainstream media networks, giving interviews and dropping clues as to the illegitimacy of the Cohen payment, and by association looking to pin Donald Trump for having had a hand in the hush money transaction.

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On Saturday, Avenatti posted a tweet citing a fairly relevant case, despite having been decided on over two decades ago.

The case that Avenatti is referring to is that of the establishment that emerged from the lawsuit filed by Paula Jones against then-President Bill Clinton in 1994. The case questions whether or not Jones had the authority and ability to pursue the claim against Clinton while he was a sitting president, and determined whether or not diplomatic immunity of the public office would protect him while he was serving his terms in office.

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The court justice residing over the case, Justice John Paul Stevens, ultimately made a decision that would reverberate in relevance today in regards to the Daniels trial against Cohen, and by association, the Trump presidency. In doing so, the decision outlined that there was no precedent or example of previous cases wherein public officials had received immunity for unofficial acts while in office, and therefore no such immunity could be granted.

As a result, despite the attempt by Cohen to obtain immunity for Trump against the Daniels case while in office, the precedent makes it clear that no such benefit will be given to the president, and that the case can resume in full fashion once Cohen’s other criminal investigations are wrapped up. What this essentially provides is that, the Daniels trial will be able to continue and occur while Trump is still president, and answers will have to be provided in some form or another.

Avenatti has made it clear that Cohen and Trump continue their attempts at dodging the Daniels trial by dragging on various components, including that of presidential immunity, despite being irrelevant in this case. With Avenatti showing to be eager in his desire to pursue this case, and dropping the subtle hint on Twitter that no such immunity will be given to the president, it is clear he is ready to uncover the sloppy dealings of the Trump inner-circle as the case progresses.

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