Michael Avenatti Clowns Rudy Giuliani For Being Booed At Yankee Stadium & It’s Hilarious


Michael Avenatti has quickly become one of the most beloved lawyers to ever walk the face of the earth. Taking on porn star Stormy Daniels as a client was clearly the career jackpot all prosecutors hope they hit in their lifetime; and Avenatti is not holding back in his efforts to bring the president to justice.

The attorney has become more of a superstar than his client as of late, taking to his Twitter page regularly to release information about the case, and to troll the ridiculous people he is fighting against. He has a special itch for former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani ever since Giuliani joined Trump’s legal team.

Giuliani made the mistake of going on Sean Hannity recently, among other blunders, and releasing information that totally incriminated his client. Giuliani said this, contradicting Donald’s story:

Avenatti has had a blast calling out the idiocy that is Rudy Giuliani via his social media outlet, and the world has enjoyed reading the gems. So, today, when Rudy was booed during a Memorial Day baseball game at his beloved Yankee Stadium, Avenatti was on it. Watch the video below and listen for a birthday announcement over the loudspeaker, followed by a resounding negative reaction.

Avenatti instantly took to Twitter to respond, like a boss:

The reaction to Avenatti’s tweet is equally funny. Check out the best ones below: