BREAKING: ‘Roseanne’ Producer Wanda Sykes Just Quit Her Job Over Racist Joke


Roseanne Barr used to be loved by the working class, blue collar crowd. That was back when she stood against rich politicians feeding off the poor, and made a mockery of the National Anthem before it was cool, just because..punk rock. Now, however, the tables have turned. The people who once boycotted her show for her purposeful butchering of their beloved anthem, which including grabbing her crotch, are now her biggest supporters. The only difference is Roseanne’s obvious psychosis.

Roseanne has officially crossed over to the dark side, and while her disgusting remarks and racist antics have gone mostly unnoticed as she was kind of written off as a nut-bag, lately she has received some pretty bad media attention for her statements about Muslims, Donald Trump, Jews, etc.

Now, she’s added Blacks to her vault of unfunny humor. Finally, Roseanne producer Wanda Sykes has had enough. Kind of ridiculous it took you so long, Wanda, but let’s put that aside. What Sykes is furious about is a tweet in which Roseanne said this about former White House official Valerie Jarrett. The tweet read:

“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

The joke was a clear jab at the Senior Obama official, and backlash set in instantly. The backlash was apparently so bad, that even Roseanne herself couldn’t handle it. She tweeted out the following messages later:

Not enough. So not enough.

Producer Wanda Sykes has been completely silent about Roseanne’s antics up until now. She will no longer tolerate the racist rhetoric being released via social media. Sykes tweeted out the following Tuesday morning:

It’s about damn time.

The responses to Sykes tweet were overwhelming. Check out the best ones below: