Ambien Manufacturer Trolls Roseanne About Ambien Side Effects Not Causing Racism


The most amazing diss coming from the Roseanne/Planet of the Apes saga has to be from the maker of the sleep-aid Ambien after the failing comedian blamed the drug for an extremely racist rant she went on about Obama Administration official Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne made the colossal mistake of tweeting that Valerie Jarrett looked like a mix between the Muslim Brotherhood and a character in Planet of the Apes. Roseanne has since come out with a multitude of excuses for her disgusting behavior, including not knowing that the obviously black Jarrett was indeed black.

She also said that she shouldn’t be held responsible for the rant because it was fueled by a 2am Ambien bender.

The manufacturer of Ambien released the following hilarious statement about the ridiculous nature of Roseanne’s tweet about the medicine:

The reactions to this tweet were overwhelmingly as hilarious. Check out the best ones below: