FBI Makes Shredded Documents Recovery Announcement & Trump Is Going To Flip His Wig


In early April, the FBI raided the home and office of Mr. Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. The agents seized information related to the president’s affair with pornographic actress Stormy Daniels and hush money she was payed to stay silent about the affair. Now, it has been reported that the FBI is trying to piece together shredded documents that were found in the raid.

Some of the documents seized were in the form a shredder machine. According to CNN:

‘Prosecutors said the only items left to be turned over are two BlackBerry phones and the contents of a shredding machine, which were described as not voluminous.’

Bloomberg reported:

‘U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood on Wednesday gave Cohen’s attorneys until June 15 to complete a review of more than 3 million documents and electronic files to weed out privileged ones that shouldn’t be seen by the government. Otherwise, Wood said, she’ll allow Justice Department attorneys to finish the job.’

Todd Harrison, Cohen’s lawyer, told Judge Wood during an hour-long hearing in Manhattan:

‘I just don’t know what I’m going to do to get that done.

‘I need more time than that.’

He said that he and his team are still trying to gain access to old Blackberry devices, and are reviewing 19 other storage devices including hard drives and thumb drives. Cohen’s team is working around the clock to finish the review of documents and materials.

Cohen sued to block prosecutors from using a “taint team,” which is a group of government lawyers separate from the prosecution team who would do the initial review. The judge then permitted Cohen’s lawyers to do the first review under the supervision of retired federal judge Barbara Jones, whom Woods had appointed to speed up the process.

According to Bloomberg:

‘The government has already received over 292,000 documents and files and on Wednesday was expected to get about 1 million items taken from three cell phones. Cohen’s lawyers have flagged 252 items as privileged or highly personal.’

Just the existence of shredded documents in Cohen’s office show a “reason to believe that evidence was being destroyed,” according to former FBI special agent and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa.

Former prosecutor Renato Mariotti also commented on the matter, saying:

‘That is bad news for him.’

Stephen Brown, a reporter for the New York Daily News covering the Manhattan Supreme Court, said:

‘the government expects to produce “the contents of a shredding machine” to the special master within three weeks.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

According to CNN:

‘Despite pleas for additional time by Cohen’s lawyer, the judge said Cohen’s lawyers could have until mid-June to complete their review of documents for attorney-client privilege and whatever items have not been reviewed by that time would be handled by a government “taint team” of independent attorneys.’

In the coming weeks, perhaps, some shocking information will be released after these documents are pieced together. It seems to get worse for Cohen as times goes on and it doesn’t look as though he going to receive any special treatment.

Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images