Ivanka Trump Caught Shamefully Selling Clothing Under ‘Alias’ Brand Due To Massive Failure


After Donald Trump took over the White House, America wasn’t the only thing he began to destroy…he also destroyed the Trump name quite a lot. For instance his daughter Ivanka had her clothing line pulled from a lot of upscale stores because they didn’t want to sell anything with the Trump name on it. So what was poor Ivanka to do with all those clothes she couldn’t sell? Well it appears that she took the name Trump off of them, and changed the designer name to Adrienne Vittadini and started selling them at discount stores. Further pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans who wanted nothing to do with anything branded with the Trump name.

The Daily Mail reported that the bait and switch swindle was uncovered after items labeled as Adrienne Vittadini were a perfect match to Ivanka’s clothing line.

‘In an embarrassing development, dresses and other apparel from the president’s daughter are being sold at Stein Mart outlets for a fraction of their original cost.’

The rebranding happened after the store received a lot of negative feedback, with one customer going so far as to spit on a shirt in front of a cashier before storming out of the store. Lying and pulling the wool over people’s eyes must be a skill every Trump is born with, because they do it so well. The whole family are nothing but skilled shysters. Luckily for us there are also people skilled in exposing the game con artists like to play. Ivanka might not be too happy about it though, because now it’ll be harder for her to shill her ugly, sweat shop labor produced goods.

Featured Image via Getty Images

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