Trump Flies Out Of Bed In A Mueller Frenzy, Tweets About Pardoning Himself Like A Crook


Donald Trump is desperate for people to believe that he’s the greatest president ever (he may even believe it himself). Perhaps if they do, they’ll forget that the Russia investigation is quickly derailing his presidency and is the only historic piece of the Trump administration.

It goes without saying that Trump has not been “the greatest jobs president God ever made,” as he promised during his campaign. He has, for the most part, ridden on the coattails of President Obama, who really did oversee the longest period of job growth of any president in history. Job growth and wage growth are not the highest ever. In fact, in Trump’s first 18 months in office, job growth and wage growth are below the rate of President Obama’s last 18 months.

His tax cuts bill, the only policy victory he’s seen so far, is not the largest ever. It isn’t even the largest in modern history, since that was under President Reagan. Illegal immigration is not down; it was lower under President Obama. Prescription drug prices are certainly not down; they’re rising at a higher rate than ever before.

What has Trump accomplished in his first 500 days that makes his presidency remarkable? He’s the first president to appoint people to top positions who were under investigation from their first day, and certainly the first to see one of those appointees, Michael Flynn, forced to resign for lying to the FBI in the first six weeks. He’s the first president to appoint numerous family members with absolutely no experience to top advisory positions in his administration and the first to cause his own son to be involved in an investigation regarding his involvement in his father’s campaign. He’s the first to turn our allied countries against us thanks to his attempts to start a trade war, the last of which contributed to The Great Depression.

He is also, without a doubt, the first president to mention pardoning himself.

Twitter was also not believing his lies. See some of their comments below.

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