Trump Freaks Out About ‘Unconstitutional’ Mueller Probe In Misspelled Tiny Penis Tirade


Donald Trump has the misguided impression that being president of these United States is the same as being a king. Clearly, he was not paying attention during his American History classes. Could he have embarrassed the country any more with his latest tweet?


Trump could not even spell counsel correctly in this latest tweet. He spelled it “Special Councel.” Fortunately, American parents do not have to advise their children to look up to this man.

Has the man sitting in the Oval Office even read the Constitution? He claimed that the Deputy Attorney General’s, Rob Rosenstein’s, appointment of Robert Mueller to investigate Russia’s attack on the U.S. and a potential Trump Campaign conspiracy were “UNCONSTITUTIONAL:”

‘The appointment of the Special Councel (sic) is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Despite that, we play the game because I, unlike the Democrats, have done nothing wrong!’

The great divider forgot that his job description included bringing the country together. Instead, he has sharpened that divide by declaring Democrats his enemy.

Does Trump not understand that in order to run this great government he must work with both sides of the aisle? Apparently not, because for the past 16 months he has been trying to ignite a Civil War of a different sort.

His Civil War would pit Republicans against Democrats, mothers against children, and brothers against sisters. Diversity of political beliefs, race, ideas, life styles have been what makes America great.

Luckily for the health of the country, the people have caught onto Trump’s attempts to undermine the great institutions that hold the nation together: the free press, freedom of expression, the separation of powers, a stand-alone Department of Justice. That will prevail in spite of all of 45’s attempts to cast them asunder.

The Twitter world caught fire after Trump’s tweet. Check out some more of our favorites below:

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