Melania Suffers Awkward Silence As Trump Humiliates Her First Public Appearance In Weeks


Melania is back. The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, disappeared from the public’s view for weeks on end, most of which came after she was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for a procedure to address what was insisted by White House staff to be a benign kidney condition.

Before her Wednesday appearance at an event marking the start of hurricane season, the last time that she had been publicly seen was on May 10, when she joined her husband to welcome three released American hostages back to the United States from North Korea. In the time since, she made an appearance at one reported internal White House event, but that was closed to the press.

For her first time back in the public’s view since that time, her husband President Trump offered an awkward introduction.

He commented:

‘We have to start with our great first lady, Melania. Thank you, Melania. She is doing great. She went through a little rough patch, but she’s doing great. We’re very proud of her. She’s done a fantastic job as first lady. The people love you. People of our country love you. So, thank you, honey.’

Check out the video below.

“A little rough patch”? So was she struggling with some sort of health issue that lingered beyond the confines of her procedure after all? Some have long already cast scrutiny on the situation thanks to the length of time she spent in the hospital after having the embolization procedure performed; she was there for five days for what is often done without even formally admitting the patient to the hospital.

In the end, the American public may never know what was truly going on with Melania throughout the weeks she’s been not seen publicly, if there was something beyond what’s known. It’s not as though the Trump administration is known for being forthcoming and truthful.

They have sought at repeated instances to downplay rumors about what’s been going on with the first lady. Early Wednesday, ahead of the first lady making her return to the public eye, the president himself posted a Twitter message reading:

‘The Fake News Media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great First Lady, Melania. During her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the W.H. (and me) for N.Y. or Virginia, to abuse. All Fake, she is doing really well!

Before that, a message went up on the first lady’s own official Twitter account meant to downplay the significance of rumors about her status, although it raised eyebrows and questions of if she’d really written it thanks to the language that was strongly reminiscent of the way her husband speaks.

Since assuming her position as first lady, Melania has not been heavy on the appearance circuit. She recently unveiled an official platform for her to go on in her activities; termed “Be Best,” it’s an awareness campaign meant to highlight issues plaguing American children.

How she will proceed with that campaign and her overall position as first lady now that she’s made a return to the public’s view remains to be seen.

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