Michael Avenatti Makes Wednesday Confiscated Text Message Announcement On Live TV


At this point, the ordeal could perhaps be said to have taken a side seat to other scandals that have enveloped the Trump White House, but earlier this year, the story first began to make the rounds of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen having facilitated a payment of $130,000 in hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels covering an affair with the president.

Since that time, the scandal has grown to include multiple lawsuits. Daniels has sued to be free from the nondisclosure agreement associated with the hush money, and she has also filed defamation suits against Donald Trump and Michael Cohen.

She has now, with the help of her prominent attorney Michael Avenatti, filed another lawsuit, accusing her former attorney Keith Davidson of having violated attorney-client privilege through having cooperated with Cohen earlier this year in his efforts to silence her story.

Avenatti went on MSNBC to address the ordeal, slamming Cohen for “desperation” and painting a grim picture of the implications of the revealed text message exchanges between him and Davidson about how best to keep Daniels’ story out of the spotlight.

He began by explaining, speaking of Davidson’s cooperation with Cohen:

‘It is one of the largest sins that you can engage in as an attorney. Keith Davidson had a duty of loyalty at all times to Stormy Daniels relating to any issues concerning her relationship with Donald Trump, and that duty of loyalty is absolute, and it is to be respected at all times, even after you are terminated as counsel. These text messages are very, very disturbing.’

Davidson was Daniels’ lawyer at the time that she entered into the nondisclosure agreement in question, which was never actually signed by the president, a fact that has been touted as proof that it’s invalid. Davidson also happens to have served as attorney for former Playboy model Karen McDougal during negotiations with the Trump-allied American Media Inc. over the rights to her story of an affair with the president. She has since been able to get free from an agreement she signed with them.

Davidson, though, was not the last of the targets for Avenatti’s ire on Wednesday. He also went after Cohen for the “desperation” with which he pursued a Daniels appearance on Trump lackey Sean Hannity’s show, at which time she would have presumably been meant to downplay the talk about her affair with the president.

Avenatti commented:

‘If you look at these text messages, especially the exchange relating to Sean Hannity’s show, you see an absolute desperation on Michael Cohen’s part to try to get my client to go on Sean Hannity on the 17th of January.’

Check out video of his time on MSNBC this Wednesday below. He added an assertion that it’s very likely Cohen had the president himself on board with his desperation.

Where Daniels’ legal efforts go from here remains to be seen, as Avenatti himself noted during his MSNBC appearance.

They’re not the only ones going after Cohen though — the government itself was revealed earlier this year to be pursuing a criminal investigation of the Trump lawyer.

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