Ivanka Tweets About Alice Johnson’s Commuted Sentence Like A Total Faker; Twitter Attacks


Ivanka Trump is really good at being phony, as is every other female in her family. The men have no problem being outright *ssholes and philanderers, and quite publicly, but the women play a completely different role. See, Donald knows that America is sexist, and doesn’t want anything to do with a strong woman. It’s almost as if he modeled Ivanka and Melania’s behavior to suit his, and the general consensus.

Since her father became the president of the United States, Ivanka has been very outspoken on her Twitter account, but her demeanor is always soft. Any time she has to speak on television, she gives this lusty performance, complete with an almost whispering voice.

Aside from her apparent job as a phone sex operator, Trump’s prize child simply loves to pretend like she cares about the circumstances that affect every day Americans, like Alice Johnson.

Johnson is the black grandmother who was sentenced to life in prison for a non-violent drug charge. You may remember Kim Kardashian visiting the White House just days ago to speak to the president about commuting Johnson’s sentence.

Trump agreed, and Johnson was released just hours later.

Cue Ivanka Trump.

She probably had no knowledge of Johnson before Kardashian went to the White House. Ivanka is not an activist for blacks or prison reform, in fact, she fully supports her father, who said that people like Alice Johnson should be executed for drug crimes.

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