Trump Tweets Bizarre Message About Singapore Meeting In Monday Night Tweet-Rant


Donald Trump likes to think of himself as a king. He thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because his last name is Trump. Well that’s simply not the case when he deals with anyone other than American Republicans. Democrats and the rest of the entire world all know that Trump is full of it. Trump thinks he’s at an historic meeting with the leader of North Korea, but what he’s really attending is nothing but a farce. Kim Jong Un is playing him like a squeaky fiddle. Apparently Trump is starting to realize it too considering he just posted on Twitter that things are going well, but that they don’t really matter.

He sounds as if he’s starting to realize that North Korea has absolutely no chance of giving up their nuclear weapons…but still he takes the time to run down all other presidents who have dealt with the Kims. Everyone knows that Kim is looking for money for his starving nation. Money he will not use to purchase food, mind you, but money he will use to bolster his nuclear weapons program or for upkeep on his massive army. But that’s not all Kim is looking for. He’s also looking for some world leader to give him legitimacy, and Trump has given him that in spades.

The supreme leader of a tiny country will be sitting down with the idiotic leader of the world’s premier super power. How much more could Kim ask for? Trump has already given Kim more than he could have ever dreamed of. The funny thing is Kim is going to look like the hero here while Trump already looks like the zero. Trump’s broken so many promises to the rest of the world, he’s proven that the U.S. can’t be trusted to keep our word on anything. Kim is playing Trump like the mail-order steak salesman he is and it sounds like the Don is starting to realize it.

Featured Image via Getty Images