Ellen HILARIOUSLY Mocks The Red Cup Controversy, And It’s PERFECT (VIDEO)


If you haven’t heard about the rage surrounding Starbucks having the audacity to use plain red cups this year as their holiday cup, then you’re likely living under a rock.

To put it simply, those complaining about the plain red color, you know, a Christmas color, have lost their ever-loving minds. Their complaint is that it’s a change from the cups of yore and now they feel all the Christmas cheer has been sucked out of the cup. When in actuality, the only thing being sucked out of the cup is an overpriced latte.

Well, leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to perfectly make fun of these complainers on the latest episode of her show.

She begins by¬†being very serious about how horrible it is that Starbucks is using the plain red cups and that they might as well be called “Satan Sippers.”

She then goes on to introduce a pair of “holiday vision glasses” that make you see Christmas¬†cheer everywhere you go. It’s honestly the perfect response to such a ridiculous complaint.

To those still fuming about the Christmas red cup at Starbucks — maybe concern yourself with actual issues in the world that could use our concern like homelessness, starving children and ISIS.

Check out Ellen’s brilliance here:

Video/Featured image: YouTube