Ben Carson Is CURRENTLY Business Partners With Felon Who Scammed Patients


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson over the last couple of weeks has been scrutinized relentlessly and for a good reason. He is vying for the role of President of the United States, and as it turns out, many of the stories he’s told over the years are either half-truths are not true at all.

Now, it has been revealed that the fraud of a candidate has a business partnership with an actual fraud — a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to scamming patients for procedures that never happened.

As it turns out, Carson is very good friends with Dr. Al Costa, a dentist in the Pittsburgh area. And while Carson tries to say that he’d like to cut down on medical fraud, he’s basically taking part in it himself by associated himself in a business fashion with a felon.

According to AP:

“In 2007, a few months before Costa was charged, records show that two corporations were established in Pennsylvania called BenCan LLC and INBS LLC. Carson and his wife are listed as the sole members of the companies. Though the Carsons live outside Baltimore, the mailing address on the incorporation forms was Costa’s home address in Pittsburgh.

BenCan and INBS then paid more than $3 million to purchase an office building in suburban Pittsburgh. The mailing address listed on the deed matches the office of Costa’s firm, as does the address where property tax bills are sent.

That September, federal prosecutors charged Costa, accusing him of fraud committed over a nearly five-year period. Investigators determined that Costa’s dental practice charged more than 50 patients for procedures that had not been performed, resulting in a loss of more than $40,000 to insurance companies.”

Costa never had to serve prison time, just one year of house arrest and fines that summed up to $294,000. And even though under house arrest, he still tried to get permission to travel to the June 2008 Medal of Freedom Ceremony presented by President Bush to Ben Carson. He was denied permission. However, he did get to go on a nice little month-long vacay to Italy to handle “business.” Costa also had his dental licence revoked.

AP also reported:

“Costa continues to use his ties to Carson to promote his real estate business. As of Thursday, the logo of the Carson Scholars Fund is featured prominently on the company’s website, as is a testimonial from the presidential candidate.”

And according to Slate:

A Carson spokesman confirmed that the candidate and Costa “are best friends” and “do hold business investments together.”

Here’s a tweet from Ben Carson from back in 2013 showing the candidate with his BFF.

Either Ben Carson needs to cut all ties with this man and explain that he had nothing to do with any of the fraud, or he needs to drop out of the race immediately. He’s openly doing business with a convicted felon that scammed patients and insurance companies out of thousands.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)