Bernie Sanders Rips Cheney, Bush: We’re Paying For Their ‘Tough But Stupid’ Policies (VIDEO)


George W. Bush’s presidency was a complete disaster. That is something that isn’t really in dispute at this point in time by most reasonable people, regardless of political leanings. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had a few choice words for Dubya and his sidekick Dick Cheney in a passionate speech at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday night.

Sanders reminded everyone that the destabilization of the Middle Eastern region, along with the rise of ISIS, is largely the fault of those two war-loving men. Sanders ranted:

“You remember President Bush. He was very very tough, but not very smart. He and Dick Cheney and the whole lot of them, they were tough! And they said ‘we should invade Iraq.’ We should do it virtually alone and the result was 6,700 brave men and women from our country dead, hundreds of thousands of our best young people coming home with injuries — physical and emotional. Many many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead and wounded. Huge instability in the entire region, and we are paying the price today for that instability and chaos.”

This reminder came after Sanders condemned the Republican National Committee’s assertions that President Obama is “weak”when it comes to foreign policy and ridding the world of the threat of ISIS and other terrorist groups and extremists. This is an important reminder, because, quite frankly, we wouldn’t have the horror that is ISIS without what Bush and Cheney did. Uncomfortable truth for right-wingers, I am sure, but truth nonetheless.

Sanders concluded with this truth bomb, that will hopefully be heeded:

“So I say to my Republican colleagues. Yeah, we have got to be tough, but not stupid.”

Watch the speech below, via Raw Story:

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story