The Irony: Texas GOPer Doesn’t Want Refugees Because It’s Too Easy To Get Guns


Predictably, Texas Governor Greg Abbott told President Obama that his state will not accept any of the Syrian refugees who are trying to escape violence at the hands of ISIL.

Abbott joins a list of Republicans – and one Democrat – who refuse to accept those fleeing from violence in Syria, including children.

“They do not have the capability to distinguish between those refugees who can pose as terrorist, and those who may be innocent, and until the United States develops that capability it is essential that we do first things first, and that is and that is to keep the people of the state of Texas safe,” said Greg The Christian Abbot.

State Representative Tony Dale added more irony to the mix saying that he’s concerned the refugees could obtain guns in Texas, a state which has some of the most lax gun laws in the country.

Dale penned a letter to Governor Abbott and other state leaders to issue a warning.

Sounds scary!

Dale is worried refugees would be able to get a job at the airport and said that the state cannot prevent refugees from getting a Texas Driver’s License.

“So they could get a job in the airport, for example and they could plant something on a plane like we saw in the Sinai Peninsula recently when the Russian airline was taken down, they could board a plane legally in the United States,” said State Rep. Dale.

Actually, a person can carry guns legally in airports in Texas. That is something Conservatives pushed for and now they have it.

Federal officials confirmed that gun purchases are also possible by a refugee who has the proper federal document and a Texas Driver’s License, according to Fox 7.

“California when they issue drivers licenses to non-citizens specifically says that it is not to be used for a Federal purpose, not to be used for employment and that means it cannot be used to board a plane … and presumably it could not be used to purchase a gun,” said Dale.

Fun fact: In Texas, there is no background check, no training, no age limit required to carry loaded high capacity weapons openly.

Open Carry Texas’ fearless leader C.J. Grisham could not obtain a concealed carry permit due to a blemish on his record.

So, he obtained one in another state and now he can carry legally in Texas. It’s just that simple in the lone star state.

It looks like the problem is in Texas and not with those fleeing violence. Although, we would suggest the refugees move to a different state if they want to run from violence and not to it.

Image: TWCNews.