Sarah Palin: I’ll Run For President When God Gives Me A Sign (VIDEO)


Sane people everywhere know that America dodged a bullet by failing to allow half-term half-wit former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to take the Vice Presidency in 2008. After all, we’re talking about a woman who could not name a single major newspaper, nor name even the most famous of Supreme Court cases – and that’s just for starters. Nonetheless, she still thinks she has what it takes to run a country.

In an interview with ABC’s  Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Palin was busily peddling yet another book with which to grift off her fans, when Roberts turned the conversation to the possibility of Palin running for national office again. Palin said of the possibility:

“What it would take would be knowing the American public would be ready for someone going rogue, you know, calling it like they see it, and having the experience that they see could be put to good use in the name of service. If I really felt that was there in terms of support, I would be more than willing to serve.”

“And also, living my life, putting it in God’s hands, knowing you just never know what door may be opened. And if the door is open, I’m built to run through it, man. Charge through it.”

So, in other words, Palin is waiting on a sign from a deity to make a major decision for not only herself, but for the country. Sounds good to me (not). Hopefully, Palin decides that hawking terrible books to her deluded fans and using the news media in her never-ending quest to find more ways to shamelessly promote herself is a better life than trying to take on what is most likely the toughest job in the world. Either way, everyone knows that Sarah Palin will never be president; in fact, the only person who seems to be unaware of that reality is Sarah Palin herself.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of ABC:

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