Here’s The Patriotic Muslim Guest That Just Brilliantly Made Fox News STFU (VIDEO)


Self-appointed most patriotic news network Fox News doesn’t always speak too kindly of those who practice the Muslim faith. Much of their programming is dedicated to extreme right-wing ideology that favors the very wealthy and their version of Christianity. So, when Saba Ahmed, who is Muslim, joined Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File, things definitely got interesting.

Kelly said:

“We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of religion. And we’re opening up a very dangerous door if we get the government getting to go into a religious institution and decide what amounts to hate speech.”

Kelly also had on Katrina Pearson, who is a spokesperson for the very racist and Islamophobic Trump campaign. Trump has even spoken of shutting Mosques down altogether in the wake of the attacks in Paris, France, perpetrated by extremists. So, when Pearson decided to go on a VERY Islamophobic rant, Ahmed was NOT having it, especially when Kelly looked liked she was agreeing with the rhetoric.

Ahmed stated, very calmly:

“Megyn. We go to the mosque to pray.”

Then continuing, she says:

“It’s absolutely horrifying to hear that our constitutional rights, the free exercise of religion, are now going to be challenged.”

Ahmed explained that there are “people who misuse the religion for their perverted ideology, but that has nothing to do with [her] faith.”

Then, when Pearson kept trying to say how evil all Muslims are, Ahmed quickly reminded her and Megyn Kelly that Trump has MANY business relationships with people of the Muslim faith all over the Middle East, and she suggested Trump actually visit a local mosque. Which, if I may add, was a brilliant BURN to the Trump campaign.

The best part of the whole interview was watching Ahmed, who wore an American flag hijab throughout the entire segment. She’s basically saying:

“F*ck you, I’m an American, too! And I have every right to be here!”

Watch the segment below:


Video: YouTube Featured image: Twitter HT: Jezebel