Giving No F*cks, Senator Points Out ‘White Males’ Have Been Biggest Terror Threat In US


As so many are quickly blaming every Muslim on earth for acts of terror perpetrated by an extremist few, and not allowing Syrian refugees into the country, one U.S. Senator has decided to tell it like it is.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) let people know on Thursday that most terrorist acts that have occurred in the United States since 9/11/01, have come at the hands of  “white males.”

While some don’t like to label white men terrorists, because, well, they’re white, Brown points out that the recent shootings that occurred in movie theaters, schools, and churches are also “terrorist attacks — they’re just different kinds of terrorists.”

Brown told WAKR radio:

“I think most of us recognize, we’re concerned but we also know that we trust the FBI and our security forces to do this right. Since the beginning of the Bush administration when we were attacked, September 11th, we’ve not had any major terrorist attacks in this country. We’ve had individual crazy people, of normally, they look more like me than they look like Middle Easterners. They are generally white males, who have shot up people in movie theaters and schools. Those are terrorist attacks, they’re just different kinds of terrorists.”


“But we have since the early Bush days, when September 11th happened, through the rest of the Bush years, and through the almost six years of the Obama administration, we’ve kept this country safe.”

Driving his point home, he said:

“Individual people shouldn’t be fearful, because by and large our government, the federal government — people always talk obviously they don’t trust the feds, whatever. The federal government and local communities have done a pretty good job at keeping us safe. Not keeping us safe from crazy gunmen coming into schools and movie theaters sometimes but certainly keeping us safe from foreigns attacking this country.”

Basically making the point that, while we tend to focus all our angry energy at this invisible terror that could, at any moment, attack the nation, we don’t do ANYTHING about the gun violence that plagues our nation. These mass shootings have now become an epidemic. They are also what is causing terror in the hearts and minds of Americans. When parents, even elementary school parents, have to worry about sending their children to school. When average Americans worry about going to the mall or a movie. When people aren’t safe even in their places of worship — THAT is true terrorism, and we’re just too afraid to call it that.

Wake up, America. If we want to keep our country safe, let’s tackle the epidemic of gun violence that plagues us daily, and let’s remember who perpetrates mass shootings most often. That’d be a good start.

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