Condoleezza Rice Turns On GOP, Brilliantly Blasts Their Anti-Refugee Bigotry


Former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush Condoleezza Rice is not happy with her party at the present time, particularly in regards to the rabid bigotry that is being directed from that side of the political aisle at Syrian refugees. Rice made a statement regarding this issue to public officials and business leaders who were in attendance at the SEUS Japan 38 conference, which was recently held in Birmingham, Alabama. Rice said:

“I fundamentally understand that you in a position of authority, like you governor and others, in addition to having compassion for others you have to be safety conscious for your people. What the United States has done is to be open to people who are fleeing tyranny, who are fleeing danger, but we have done it in a very careful way that has worked for us.”

Rice seems to have said this in response to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, who is only the latest in a long line of governors of some 30 U.S. states who are refusing to accept refugees into the borders of their states for resettlement. Bentley, along with other governors, were recently part of a conference call, in which President Obama issued the stern reminder that it is not up to them whether or not refugees will be allowed into their states. That is a matter for the federal government.

The former Secretary of State was not done with them after that statement, either. She reminded them of the many successfully assimilated refugees — some 67,000 people — who were resettled here during her own tenure as Secretary of State.

Since one of the GOP’s most revered and celebrated members is standing against this hate, fear-mongering, and disgusting bigotry that is coming from the current far-right, foaming-at-the-mouth version of the party we are seeing now, perhaps some sort of progress can be made on this issue. These governors need to be made to feel ashamed of themselves for pushing this and playing to the uneducated fundamentalists in the base, and they need to be forced to do their jobs, whether they want to or not.

Perhaps Condoleezza Rice and the other (admittedly very few) sane Republicans left can help with that.

Featured image via Flickr