WATCH: Black Protester At Trump Rally Was Shoved, Tackled, Punched And Kicked


At a Birmingham, Alabama, rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday, a black protester was roughed up.

The GOP frontrunner reiterated his call for the surveillance of  “certain mosques” then spoke of the Syrian refugees who are fleeing from violence at the hands of ISIL.

“I want surveillance. I will absolutely take (a) database on the people coming in from Syria,” Trump said, according to CNN.  “If we can’t stop it — but we are going to if I win — they’re going back.”

Then a fight broke out, because of course.

Trump said, “Get him the hell out of here,” and the crowd took action.

At least a half-dozen attendees at the rally punched, kicked and tackled a black protester to the ground who tried to disrupt Trump’s speech.

Joining in the melee, was at least one man who punched the protester and a woman who kicked him while he was on the ground.

All of the attendees involved in the brawl were white people.

The protester shouted “black lives matter” and later removed his sweatshirt to display a shirt he was wearing with those same words.

After the protester shouted, “Black Lives Matter,” at least one attendee shouted “all lives matter” as the protester was led out by police officers who were on the scene.

Watch, posted on Twitter by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond:

According to what Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards told CNN,  three people were asked to leave the event following the scuffle, however, no arrests were made.

It’s interesting when Trump supporters mumble the ‘all lives matter’ mantra while opposing Syrian refugees having safe harbor in this country from the Islamic State.

Trump rallies are more like white supremacist gladiator fights. In August, also in Alabama, shouts of “white power” could be heard repeatedly from the stands.

In Virginia, another fight broke out between protesters and Trump supporters.

It’s not just in the South. In New York, a guard for the billionaire candidate punched a protester in the face after taking his banner.

In September, Trump spoke at an event co-sponsored by the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce, but almost all of those attending were white people.

He went on to tell the white audience members that he will win the African-American vote.

We don’t see that happening unless he plans to beat them into submission. The hotel magnate has garnered the white supremacist vote – after his acidic ‘Mexicans are rapists’ comments, he received their full support.

We could list so many events where fights have broken out at Trump rallies but you get the idea. This is not something we would witness at a Bernie Sanders of Hillary Clinton rally.

We do need Hillary or Bernie to go all Django on Trump during election day – and take the White House by popular vote.

The cringeworthy GOP frontrunner displays no presidential qualities.

Trump, making America hate again, and yet, his supporters are eating this up.

This is why we can’t have nice things.