Chaos In New Orleans As Gunman Opens Fire Shooting Up To 16 People


Gunfire broke out in New Orleans hitting at least 16 people after gunmen opened fire on a crowd of hundreds of people gathered in a playground following the Nine Times Social Aide & Pleasure Club’s annual second line during a shooting of a music video.

The scene was described as chaotic with the injured laying on the ground and ambulances rushing away.

There are conflicting reports with some saying many as 300 people were wandering throughout the Upper 9th Ward park when the shots rang through the air. Another report estimates the crowd to have been as many as 500 people.

A nurse who would not give her name, said it sounded like New Year’s Eve, when celebratory gunfire often occurs in the city, according to The Times Picayune.

A number of teenagers have been transported to a local hospital, according to RT.

Watch, uploaded by The Times Picayune:


As gunfire rang out, people scattered in all directions.

Three witnesses described a man with a silver-colored machine gun headed toward Louisa Avenue and they added that as he ran away, more gunshots came from within the crowd.

Police officers had been monitoring the festivities, but  according to witnesses, they were beginning to disperse as the after party kept going.

Officers arrived back on the scene immediately when they heard gun shots, witnesses said.

Several victims were still laying on the sidewalk along the area after the chaos died down a bit.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu has arrived at the scene.

Landrieu said the annual second line took place a block or two from the shooting scene.

Witnesses told a reporter that at least two gunmen were shooting into the crowd.

Conflicting reports citing witnesses said there could have been several attackers firing at the crowd.

At least 16 of the injured shooting victims have been hospitalized to the University Medical Center, according to WWLTV.

Louisiana has the highest gun-murder rate in the country. According to statistics, more than one person is murdered with a gun in Louisiana every day.

Each time there is a mass shooting, the quick thinking governor – who is now being replaced by a pro-gun Democrat – prays. Yes, that’s obviously the answer each time your constituents are gunned down in a state inundated with firearms.

Louisiana is listed as one of the deadliest gun states. Gun violence in that state is through the roof.

But let’s all bow our heads and pray — that is, if the National Rifle Association says it’s OK. Of course, gun lobbyists would assure us that if the teenagers in the crowd all had guns, too, then they would have been able to protect themselves. After all, a little crossfire never hurt anyone, right?

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