Dallas Mayor Says He’s More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees


While conservatives are propagating fear, the mayor of Dallas is pushing back against politicians who are saying that Americans should be skeptical of Syrian refugees.

Mayor Mike Rawlings said he is “more fearful” of armed white men than people fleeing from violence in the Middle East.

Rawlings told MSNBC on Saturday that “ISIS is no more Islamic than Nazi senior staff was Christian.”

He went on to add that he’s more concerned about mass shootings than the risk of violence from refugees, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I am more fearful of large gatherings of white men that come into schools, theaters and shoot people up, but we don’t isolate young white men on this issue,” Rawlings said.
The Mayor continued to say that vilifying refugees only helps ISIS, as doing so falls into their “trap,” according to Think Progress.

He then referenced Jesus’ scriptural call to “welcome the stranger” in Matthew 25:41-43, asking, “Christ following people like myself — how do we deal with this issue of strangers, and are we going to let them in?”

Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for president, has introduced the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act, which would bar the U.S. from accepting refugees who are fleeing from ISIL.

Other Republicans are following his lead — all of them claim to be Christians.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D)  also said that most terrorist acts that have occurred in the United States since 9/11/01, have come at the hands of “white males.”

Mayor Rawlings  and Sherrod Brown are not wrong. Mass shootings are typically carried out by white males who obtained their firearms legally.

Open Carry activists have repeatedly protested outside of Mosques during prayer time, sometimes while yelling slurs to worshippers, with rifles strapped to their backs, yet gun nuts tell us that we should not fear ‘inanimate’ objects, however, some Open Carry supporters have been in the headlines for shooting down innocent people, so there’s that.

One group is scary, the other is not.

The U.N.’s statistics show a demographic makeup of 2.1 million refugees who were registered by the UNHCR in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. As of Nov. 17, those figures show that 70 percent are female (50.3 percent) and male children under 12 years old (19.7 percent), according to FactCheck.

As for a litmus test to prove the refugees are Christians, that’s an absurd notion considering our country consists of a great number of different religions. In addition, there is no way to test someone’s faith. If Conservatives want a theocracy, we think they should join ISIL since both groups have the same objective.

The number of gun violence incidents in this country is staggering. In 2015, so far – 46,910 people have been victims of gun violence. 11,802 people have died and we’re sure more numbers will be added to those statistics today. 298 mass shootings. Just yesterday, a gunman opened fire shooting 16 people in New Orleans.

Get a grip, Conservatives. Refugees are not going to pop up from the bushes in front of your house and behead you. Grow some balls or ovaries and hone up on those Christian skills.

Image: Facebook.