White Planned Parenthood Terrorist Taken Alive While Cops Continue To Shoot Black People On Sight


As we have been reporting, there was an active shooter situation at a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The shooter barricaded himself inside the clinic, and two police officers were wounded. It is also being reported that the unidentified shooter even fired his weapon at police squad cars. Yet, miraculously, it also seems that the suspect has been taken into custody — alive.

Considering the current state of things regarding trigger-happy cops in America, there is something very wrong with this picture — though, on the surface, this seems like the best possible ending to a very scary active shooter situation. After all, if authorities can take suspects into custody alive, they can be questioned, a motive or motives for the criminal act can be ascertained, and police and others in authority can learn how to prevent similar crimes in the future. However, there is one reason and one reason only that this person is still alive: He’s white.

If that had been a black or brown person, he’d have been dead 10 seconds after the cops arrived. All we have to do is look at all the time unarmed black people are gunned down in the street to know this, and the same goes for the mysterious deaths while they are in police custody. Hell, some of them are even shot as they are trying to run away. Laquan McDonald and Walter Scott come to mind there. Some are even children, like Tamir Rice. Rarely do the cops in question face any sort of punishment whatsoever for taking these lives.

Of course, gun-happy right-wingers are already justifying this guy’s actions, and calling anyone who believes that women should be able to make their own medical decisions  the “real” murderers here. This supposedly “pro-life” stance of theirs is ridiculously ironic. Justifying attempted murder is hardly “pro-life.” The thing is, though, if this guy had been black, these same people would be calling for blood — and likely cheering because he’d have been dead at the outset of the shooting.

This is the problem with systemic racism. A deranged white guy can go shoot up a women’s health clinic, wound cops, and even destroy patrol cars with his bullets, but still not take so much as one bullet himself, while anyone who is aware of what goes on with regards to black and brown people in interactions with police knows that a routine traffic stop could mean death.

This guy is, quite literally, a domestic terrorist. He went to that Planned Parenthood with the intention of sending a political and/or religious message with regards to the very controversial topic of abortion. But, because he is white, he was taken into custody alive, and he will not be called a terrorist. They’ll say he was deranged, they’ll say he has “mental health issues,” they’ll say that to him, abortion is murder, and he is saving way more lives than he was trying to take. But he won’t be called out for being the terrorist that he is, and in a few days, the same people excusing this man’s despicable actions will go back to ginning up fears about black people, brown people, Muslims, gay people, and anyone else not straight, white, conservative, and Christian– until something like this happens again.


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