Fox LIES: Cops Confirm Planned Parenthood Target Of Attack — Fox Said It Was A Bank (IMAGES)


Fox News is nothing but a right-wing propaganda machine. Anyone who  has ever bothered to watch that network, but then go back to reality and actually read or watch real news, already knows that. However, if you didn’t, here is your proof.

When a white, right-wing, anti-choice extremist went to a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Black Friday to shoot the place the up, right-wingers quickly jumped to the conclusion that the man’s actions were justified, because “abortion is murder.” They say that liberals and others who are in favor of allowing women to safely and freely exercise their constitutional right to control their own bodies are the “real” murderers. This crazy dude was just trying to save a few fetuses innocent unborn children. Of course, Fox News had to hop on the bandwagon and go and insist that Planned Parenthood wasn’t a target at all; that it was, in fact, a robbery at a Chase Bank in the area.

The first siren call was blasted from the internet cesspool of right-wing haters known as Breitbart, which lifted this nonsense angle from Fox. Here is what they said, via Occupy Democrats:

Fox News Channel and The Gazette report witness accounts that claim the shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic actually began at a nearby Chase Bank location.

Fox News talked on-air to a witness at a nail salon near the Planned Parenthood clinic who “first thought [the incident] was a bank robbery.” Cell phone video captured by the witness appeared to show a Chase Bank branch as the first location where law enforcement moved in.

And here are screen captures of those tweets:

fox-PP-BR-1 Fox LIES: Cops Confirm Planned Parenthood Target Of Attack -- Fox Said It Was A Bank (IMAGES) Uncategorized

Then, they could no longer spread the lie (though of course they corrected nothing) as Chase Bank itself confirmed that they were indeed not the target of this domestic terrorism:

Fox-PP-BR-2 Fox LIES: Cops Confirm Planned Parenthood Target Of Attack -- Fox Said It Was A Bank (IMAGES) Uncategorized

Then the cops themselves stepped in to set the story straight amidst the right-wing spin and lies. Lt. Catherine Buckely confirmed in a press conference regarding the shooting that “gunshots were first reported at the Planned Parenthood clinic at 11.38am local time,” as well as the fact that the gunman  “had brought several suspicious items to the clinic, and investigators were trying to determine whether they were explosives.”

And yet, Fox News, who helped get this lie that Planned Parenthood was not the target of the shooter, didn’t correct themselves or their supporters. Of course, it is their fear mongering and lies regarding one of the most important healthcare agencies in the nation that keeps this kind of thing happening, again and again, and they will do absolutely anything — including lying about what is happening in the midst of a developing tragedy — to keep the narrative going that it’s the left and pro-choice people everywhere who are the real terrorists, and they have the nerve to call these propaganda organizations that paint Planned Parenthood as some kind of baby body part factory “pro-life.”

Of course, right-wingers took to twitter to defend the gunman, Fox, and everyone else who hates the fact that the laws of this land say that women can control what happens to their own bodies:

Fox-PP-BR-3 Fox LIES: Cops Confirm Planned Parenthood Target Of Attack -- Fox Said It Was A Bank (IMAGES) Uncategorized

And these are the people who call themselves “pro-life.” Let me get this straight: it is “pro-life” to go on deranged, terroristic shooting sprees, just since the shooter is the right color, with the right target in mind. Got it. I don’t even want to know what kind of mental gymnastics it takes to actually believe this.

These people are dangerous, and anyone tweeting support for this gunman needs to be on some kind of terror watch list. That is what this is: domestic terrorism. The terrorists we need to be worried about aren’t in Syria or any other far away land. They are right here at home, and one of their members just struck on Friday night.

Featured image via Socio-Economics History Blog