Shooting Suspect Gave Neighbor Anti-Obama Pamphlets To Impeach Obama


Details are emerging on the suspected shooter in the attack in and around the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Friday.

Voting records indicate a Robert Lewis Dear Jr. who lives in Hartsel, Colorado, as recently as 2014 is ‘unaffiliated, but  the gender listed is female.

According to what Zigmond Post, a neighbor of Dear’s in Hartsel, told BuzzFeed News, the suspect once gave him anti-Obama pamphlets.

Post told Buzzfeed he once went to Dear’s home to retrieve two dogs that had gotten loose. “We were there for a minute and the guy was already handing us anti-Obama pamphlets,” he said.

Post recalled that Dear told him, “Obama was ruining the country and needed to be impeached.”

Dear’s neighbor added that he last spoke with Dear on Wednesday when they bumped into each other at the local post office.

Post said Dear was not acting strangely. “I never thought he would do anything like that,” Post said of Friday’s shooting rampage. “You never think your neighbor would do anything like that.”

Post told of the events that followed the shooting. He said police officers arrived at Dear’s trailer home around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, and had sent in sapper robots in the home later that morning.

That could be due to investigators’ concerns that there was a possibility of another shooter – and that Dear had duffle bags with him when he entered the Planned Parenthood building. There were concerns that his duffle bags could contain explosives.

Robert Lewis Dear Jr. has been investigated as many as nine times in North and South Carolina, including two misdemeanors for cruelty to animals — both of those cases were dismissed.

He was also accused of  being a peeping tom – that case was also dismissed.

Buzzfeed lists Dear’s run-ins with the law.

In 1997, Dear’s wife alleged that he hit her and pushed her out of window, resulting in a minor injury.

Dear was investigated for “making unwanted advancements,” while on Memorial Day weekend in 2001.

In 2002, he was accused of shooting a dog with a pellet gun.

In 2005, he was accused of threatening bodily harm to another person.

In 20015, he allegedly gunned down eleven innocent people, killing three, including a police officer, thus making the cop killer a hero among some conservatives due to the location of the rampage – Planned Parenthood.

We’re not certain that the voting record for that Dear is the same as the man who shot down innocent people yesterday while keeping hundreds in lockdown at nearby businesses but if so,  his political status is clear in his actions. He took a long gun into a clinic which assists women in countless ways, to terrorize the public.

Adding to the list of those complicit, would be the Center for Medical Progress, the entity who falsely claimed to show Planned Parenthood doctors discussing the harvesting of fetal tissue for money. That deceptively edited video was the catalyst for recent threats toward Planned Parenthood, so much so that the FBI sent out a warning stating “lone wolves” may continue to attack reproductive health facilities.

The problem is, that they are not ‘lone wolves.’