Ben Carson Just Brought The ‘Blame Obama’ Game To A New Imbecilic Level


Ever since President Obama took office in January of 2009, Republicans have taken it upon themselves to blame the president at every turn, for everything, no matter what it is. It even got to a point where people made parodies saying a sarcastic “Thanks, Obama!” when something bad happens in their own lives, even down to stubbing their toe or missing a TV show.

Republicans were so shameless to even blame Obama for jobs being lost after the recession that was caused by President George W. Bush’s failed policies of unfunded wars, cut taxes, and deregulation. The president is even blamed for Obamacare as though it’s a bad thing. Even though it has brought health care to millions, made sure insurance companies can’t deny based upon preexisting conditions and began to keep insurers in check.

Now, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has brought the “Blame Obama” game to a brand new, imbecilic level. Proving, once again, the neurosurgeon is clearly an idiot savant.

Carson, having no policy experience whatsoever, foreign or domestic, thought it wise to travel to Jordan to scope out the Syrian refugee crisis. He made sure to say in a Facebook post:

“The United States must do more. We can do our part to help this crisis without bringing 10-25,000 refugees to the United States. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our logistical help and financial support.”

You know what some “logistical” help would be that would require the same or less spending on the refugee crisis? Bringing refugees to the United States. However, that amount of common sense doesn’t blend well with the GOP’s policy of rampant xenophobia.

His post was sweet enough, seeming concerned for the refugees. Saying things like:

“Today I listened to the life struggles of many Syrians who were forced to flee their own homes. I met with medical professionals, humanitarian workers, and government officials. I saw pain on the faces of mothers and children.”

However, all of his passion and apparent commitment to help the refugees went out the window in this last sentence of his post.

“In the coming days I will offer what I believe are real solutions to the problems created in part by the Obama-Clinton Administration’s failed policies.”

Yep, you read that correctly. He’s blaming Obama and, of course, making sure to add Hillary Clinton’s name in there, seeing as she’s currently the Democratic frontrunner for the White House. It seems as though the entire trip to Jordan was to get to that last punch line.

No, Carson. The refugee crisis was not caused by President Obama and his administration. It was caused by an upsurge in ISIS that was actually created out of a power vacuum that stemmed from previous invasions in neighboring regions, as well as a civil war and a brutal leader who cares nothing for his citizens. That’s only if he’s interested in learning what actually happened. But I get that the truth isn’t as politically convenient for him.

Enough already, Carson. You are NOT about to be President of the United States. It’s likely that in your own head you’ve already been King of America for quite some time now, but your make-belief longing to be the leader of the free world will NEVER come to fruition.


Statement by Dr. Ben Carson:Amman, Jordan – Just over two months ago I began planning a trip over the Thanksgiving…

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)