Fox Host Finds It Hilarious A Man Died While Being Stuck In Fiery Chimney


On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Anna Kooiman ‘reported’ on a 19-year-old man’s grisly death after he allegedly tried to break into a home in California through the fireplace.

This is what happened, then we’ll show how the Fox host reported it.

The homeowner had been away the previous day, then returned home and lit a fire in the fireplace. He heard screams calling for help and immediately extinguished the fire.

“He had tried to light a fire in his fireplace and he had heard somebody calling out for help in the chimney,” said Jake Jensen with the Fresno County Sheriffs Office.

An autopsy on Sunday concluded that 19-year-old Cody Caldwell died of smoke inhalation and burns.

“Don’t have any idea how long he had been in there, the homeowner noticed some of his stuff had been rummaged through,” Jensen said. “He thinks the guy did get into the chimney last night.”

Lt. Brandon Pursell said the 19-year-old was responsive when firefighters smashed the chimney to get him out, but by the time they got to Caldwell by using drills and chisels, he died.

The chimney had to be dismantled to get Caldwell out.

“I’ve been a deputy for 17 years now and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Jensen.

Now the Fox version of events, which contains laughter – they might as well have added a laugh track because burning to death is so ha ha funny.

“In an attempted crime-turned-deadly for one suspected burglar,” Kooiman reported initially with a serious tone that turned into laughter as she read from the teleprompter, Crooks and Liars reports. “The man climbed into a chimney of a rural California home, but he got stuck.”

“An unsuspecting resident returned home, lit a fire in his fireplace,” she continued while chuckling. “And later decided to call 911 after hearing screams.”

Crooks and Liars reports:

Kooiman was amused that the rescue team had used jackhammers to remove the man from the chimney.

“But it was too late,” she said with laughter while slurring her words. “They are still trying to figure out his identity.”

Watch, uploaded by Raw Story:


Oh Anna, you silly pro-life Conservative, his name is Cody Caldwell and he died a horrific death.

Other things Ms. Kooiman will find hilarious: Dead puppies, disfigured children, amputees, war, famine and that time she aired a false story about President Obama personally funding a Muslim museum through the shutdown – even though it came from a satirical site. She apologized for that one, but we doubt we’ll hear another apology after she laughed and laughed over this man’s death.

Image: Screen grab via Raw Story.